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Bees, replication, and academic publishing

Bees are insects on which we depend. 35% of food crops grown worldwide require pollinators, but this 35% represents a much greater species diversity than the pollinator-independent crops; their loss would threaten human dietary diversity and consequently health. The most … Continue reading

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Regius Professor

There is a select group of professors in the UK who are appointed by the Queen. Now Kenneth Falconer, who has the office across the corridor from mine, has joined this group. Kenneth works on geometric analysis, specifically fractal sets … Continue reading

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A problem

Since I have been saying rather a lot about association schemes and coherent configurations lately, I thought I would mention an open problem. This is probably one for the experts, and I guess it has been ignored because of the … Continue reading

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Symmetry vs Regularity

This is the title of a conference to be held next year (2018) from 1 to 7 July, in Pilsen, Bohemia, Czech Republic. The subtitle is “The first 50 years since Weisfeiler-Leman stabilization”, and the webpage is here. If you … Continue reading

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Workshop on Bannai-Ito theory

The original purpose of our trip to China was to speak at an international workshop on Bannai-Ito theory at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, a popular Chinese tourist destination. Hangzhou is set on an artificial (but centuries old) lake, with islands, … Continue reading

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Spotted, 2

I hadn’t realised he was so famous in Shanghai …

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On the Shanghai metro yesterday, we saw a man with a T-shirt bearing the caption ANTI SOCIAL SOCIAL CLUB Do I smell a trace of Cantor’s diagonal argument here? Perhaps even Russell’s paradox? Suppose that every social club is named … Continue reading

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