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The Borders

Twelve years ago, I spent a very enjoyable four days on St Cuthbert’s Way, a long-distance walk crossing the border between England and Scotland. The walk officially goes from Melrose (where Cuthbert was prior of the abbey) to Holy Island … Continue reading

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Breaking boundaries

As well as the PCC, last week I was at a conference at the University of Sussex entitled Breaking Boundaries between Analysis, Geometry and Topology. With a title like that, how could I resist? There were some lovely and wide-ranging … Continue reading

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Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference 2015

This week I was at the Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference, which was held in Queen Mary, University of London. It was one of the liveliest PCCs I have been to, with about 35 delegates from all over England, Scotland, and further … Continue reading

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Generating singular maps

Last week, Max Gadouleau and Alonso Castillo-Ramirez visited St Andrews. With James Mitchell, we worked on a problem about generating the semigroup of singular maps on a set (the full transformation semigroup minus the symmetric group). As usual in this … Continue reading

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Jack Edmonds: the London gigs

Jack Edmonds is a larger-than-life figure in the world of combinatorial optimization and polyhedral combinatorics. If you are a student, you really should grasp this chance to meet him! More than fifty years ago, Jack was perhaps the first person … Continue reading

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A paper on synchronization

A paper on synchronization, written with João Araújo, Wolfram Bentz, Gordon Royle and Artur Schaefer, has just appeared on the arXiv. It is quite a substantial paper, and goes well beyond anything we have published (or that I have written … Continue reading

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Open access and the REF, 2

Bob Dylan said, When you think that you’ve lost everything, You find out you can always lose a little more. Open access for the REF is not in that league, but when you think you have plumbed the depths of … Continue reading

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