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G2D2, 5: The logo revisited

There has been further discussion of the G2 logo; here is a brief summary. Elena Konstantinova tells me that it was designed by Vava Stefoglo; her portfolio is here. She is not a mathematician but received a good education in … Continue reading

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Random walks

Lots of mathematicians study random walks. Diamond Geezer did one, indeed did two, with the same starting point and the same rules.

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G2D2, 4: the second week

The lecturers of the first two minicourses now gave way for the second team. Mike Boyle and Scott Schmieding told us about symbolic dynamics, in particular, subshifts and their automorphism groups. This was particularly valuable to me: I had dove … Continue reading

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G2D2, 3: excursions

Yaokun Wu wrote me about the China Three Gorges University logo: Another understanding of the logo of TGU is some sailing boats and books, meaning sailing in the sea (river) of books. As evidence for this, here is a picture … Continue reading

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G2D2, 2: first week

The campus of the China Three Gorges Hotel has a small river, full of waterlilies and lotus flowers. Beside it runs a main road, along which big water trucks run, shooting atomised water from cannon-like structures; we are told this … Continue reading

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G2D2, 1: setting the scene

I’m in Yichang, at the China Three Gorges University, for the conference and summer school G2D2 (“Groups and graphs, designs and dynamics”). This is the sixth meeting in the series: the previous ones were G2C2: Groups and graphs, cycles and … Continue reading

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Some delay expected

In a few hours I will start out on a month-long trip to China. I am not sure whether I will have the opportunity to post anything new or deal with incoming comments during that time. The Chinese disable several … Continue reading

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