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8th Cracow Conference on Graph Theory

How do two people share a cake? As everyone knows, one cuts and the other chooses. This does not assume that the two people value the cake in the same ways: maybe one loves cherries, and the other hates icing. … Continue reading

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Groups, geometries and representations

Here, more than a week late, are comments on the conference formally titled “Groups, Geometries and Representations, Oxford 2018”, actually a birthday conference for Dan Segal and Aner Shalev. I stayed in Balliol College’s new Jowett Walk Building, just around … Continue reading

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and G is for …

I am in Oxford for the birthday conference for Dan Segal and Aner Shalev. I will write something about that when time permits. This is just to report a discovery. There is now an official “Oxford Mathematical Alphabet”. I have … Continue reading

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Q is for quantum?

The letter q has three, or maybe four, standard uses in mathematics. It stands for “quantum”, and it is fashionable now to produce quantum versions of everything from chromatic number of a graph to the symmetric group. Related to this, … Continue reading

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Linstat 2018

Or, to give the full title, International Conference on Trends and Perspectives in Linear Statistical Inference, with Celebration of Tadeusz Caliński’s 90th Birthday. The conference was in Będlewo Castle, once a private residence for a noble family which had more … Continue reading

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The existential transversal property

One of the first things that João Araújo introduced me to when we started collaborating, after synchronization, was the universal transversal property: a permutation group G on the set {1,…,n} has the k-universal transversal property (k-ut for short) if, given … Continue reading

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Today is the 50th anniversary of my arrival in Europe. I arrived in Southampton on the Shaw Savill Line ship “Southern Cross” on 21 August 1968, after a 36-day voyage from Sydney. I intended to stay three years or so … Continue reading

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