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I count all the things that need to be counted.

Notes on Counting

My book Notes on Counting: An Introduction to Enumerative Combinatorics should be published by Cambridge University Press in June this year, as part of the Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series. If you have read some of my lecture notes on … Continue reading

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London Combinatorics Colloquia 2017

A brief trip to London for the two colloquia and a meeting of the committee, marred for me by the fact that I had come down with quite a bad cold (which, scarily, involved my losing my balance from time … Continue reading

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Laszlo Babai in St Andrews

I promised to say a few words about Laci Babai’s visit to St Andrews. In an amazing performance, he gave five talks: one of nominally an hour at the Scottish Combinatorics Meeting (it was actually the last talk of the … Continue reading

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Mathematical diversity

Don’t worry, this post is not about factors irrelevant to mathematics such as gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Nor is it about important factors, highlighted in the 2011 International Review of UK Mathematics although largely ignored by the research council … Continue reading

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Power graphs of torsion-free groups

Today a paper on this topic appeared on the arXiv. I will say a bit about its contents, and how it came about. The power graph of a group G has vertex set G, with an edge from x to … Continue reading

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A small fact about the Petersen graph

The Petersen graph has 10 vertices and 15 edges, and the complete graph on 10 vertices has 45 edges. However, Allen Schwenk and (independently) O. P. Lossers (Jack van Lint’s problem-solving seminar in Eindhoven) showed that you can’t partition the … Continue reading

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A surprise

One of my birthday presents this year was a beautiful book by Christopher de Hamel, Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts. The author, who is librarian at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (a library to which he was once refused admission), and in … Continue reading

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