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Association schemes for diagonal groups

Sean Eberhard commented on my posts on diagonal groups (see here and here). He is correct; there is an association scheme preserved by the full diagonal group with n factors in the socle; it is non-trivial if n > 2. The details … Continue reading

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London Combinatorics Colloquia 2019

In London last week for the two combinatorics colloquia, at Queen Mary and LSE. The weather was unusually grey and rainy; it seems in retrospect that it is almost always fine and sunny for this event, but I know that … Continue reading

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A virtual colloquium

I feel a bit nervous about advertising this. This Thursday, 25 April, I am for the first time ever giving a virtual colloquium. The Northeast Combinatorics Network (that’s Northeast North America, for pedants) have an occasional Virtual Combinatorics Colloquium, and … Continue reading

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Mary Queen of Scots Way

Walking is very popular now. To meet the demand, many new named long-distance paths have been created. I wrote earlier about my proposed X to Y walk, which I fully intended to do when I retired, but I haven’t quite … Continue reading

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A talk by Stephen Senn

I’ve just heard a nice talk by Stephen Senn, entitled “In search of lost infinities. What is the ‘n’ in big data?” The moral was that, in clinical trials and observational trials, everyone assumes that more data mean more accurate … Continue reading

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Fair games and Artin’s conjecture

A few years ago I described Persi Diaconis’ response to G. H. Hardy’s claim that there is a real dividing line between real and recreational mathematics. (See the report here.) This led from Persi’s first experiments in card shuffling to Artin’s conjecture … Continue reading

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Atiyah memorial day

On Saturday, we went to the memorial event for Michael Atiyah, held in the magnificent Playfair Library in the University of Edinburgh’s Old College buildings. (Not named after John Playfair, Professor of Mathematics in Edinburgh and responsible for Playfair’s Axiom, … Continue reading

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