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Impact update

My comments on impact were cited by Ursula Martin and her co-author Laura Meagher here. Worth a look. PS Here’s the abstract: This empirical study explored how research can generate impacts by investigating different sorts of impacts from one academic … Continue reading

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Automorphism groups of transformation semigroups

I have been in the transformation semigroups game for nearly ten years now, but I still feel that I am finding my feet. Here is apparently a huge difference between permutation groups and transformation semigroups, one which is still not … Continue reading

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Research Day 2017

Yesterday was the School’s third Research Day, a successful and enjoyable event involving contribution from all divisions. Hopefully the event is now self-sustaining. Short summaries of a few of the talks follow. The first two speakers both had “automata” in … Continue reading

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These days I travel fairly often on the East Coast Main Line between London and Leuchars (for St Andrews). Last spring, for one journey they had announced when I made the booking that the train would leave Kings Cross 13 … Continue reading

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Update on Babai’s result

I learned yesterday that Harald Helfgott had found a mistake in László Babai’s result on the complexity of graph isomorphism. The algorithm and the bulk of the analysis still stands; it was just problem with the accounting showing that the … Continue reading

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The Wendover Arm

On New Year’s Eve, I walked along the Wendover Arm of the Grand Union Canal. This turns off the main line of the Grand Union at Bulbourne and runs to the small Buckinghamshire town of Wendover. I started at Tring … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! But where are we headed? As time goes on, fewer and fewer people actually visit this page, as opposed to subscribing by email or to the RSS feed, so the WordPress end-of-year report gives less information about … Continue reading

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