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Tunisia has been in the news for the wrong reasons. I sincerely hope that the people of this beautiful and hospitable country are not seriously harmed by the recent terrorist outrages. The best I can do to show my solidarity … Continue reading

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… to Robert Schumacher, who passed his PhD viva this week. He has some revisions to do after a well-earned holiday. And thanks for the flowers!

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July’s picture shows two herons around the Elora Gorge in Ontario, Canada. The first was fishing in the Grand River where I walked with Ian Wanless last year, on the outing at the Chris Godsil conference in Waterloo; the second … Continue reading

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On foundations

Jack Edmonds stayed in my house for two and a half weeks, while giving his two courses on polyhedral combinatorics in London (I reported on the second one here). Whenever we spend time together, we have a robust discussion about … Continue reading

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Matroids and polymatroids

Jack Edmonds’ LTCC intensive course is now over. It differed in several respects from what was advertised. First, he shared the presentation with Alex Fink on a roughly equal basis; second, bimatrix games were shelved in favour of some exciting … Continue reading

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Apology – out of contact

I’m afraid that, because of several emergencies (including a serious computer breakdown) I will be out of contact for an indefinite time. I will not be able to respond to email except perhaps sporadically. I hope things will be back … Continue reading

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Permutation patterns, days 3-5

I never promised to write something every day … Anyway, the conference is now over. The LMS conference wi-fi was just not up to the demands of a conference big enough to fill the Hardy room, so lots of on-line … Continue reading

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