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My QMUL page updated

Since I moved to St Andrews in 2013, my QMUL web page stopped being a working page, and really needed to be re-jigged as a page of record. This I have now done. It now points to many things, not … Continue reading

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Baudin in South Australia, 2

After a visit to the State Library of South Australia, a talk with a very helpful librarian, and an afternoon reading Baudin’s diary (in English translation by Christine Cornell in 1974), I know a bit more. First, there is a … Continue reading

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Baudin in South Australia

In 1802, the French navigator Nicolas Baudin met his English counterpart Matthew Flinders off the coast of South Australia, in a place now called Encounter Bay. Both men were charting the coastline. Here is a part of Baudin’s chart, photographed … Continue reading

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Famous on both sides of the world

The pictures are self-explanatory: the first is in Pittenweem, in Fife, Scotland, the second on the campus of the University of Adelaide, South Australia.

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Pappus and Diophantus

This post is inspired by a nice article by Adrian Rice and Ezra Brown in the latest BSHM Bulletin, titled “Commutativity and collinearity: a historical case study of the interconnection of mathematical ideas, Part II”. Pappus’ Theorem states that, if … Continue reading

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Rights of way

I’m now in Australia for nearly two months, but before I talk about that, I would like to draw attention to an issue relevant to people in England and Wales who enjoy the countryside. The system of rights of way … Continue reading

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Combinatorics at the EMS

Combinatorics is flourishing, at least in the lists of the European Mathematical Society publishing house. A few years ago, I mentioned the new journal Combinatorics, Physics and their Interactions, aka Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré D. Now they have announced … Continue reading

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