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Reducts and Reed-Muller codes

While I was in Adelaide, supposedly on holiday, Csaba Szabó sent me a preprint of a paper he had written with his student Bertalan Bodor. I read it with interest, and was able to make a small remark on the … Continue reading

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Perth, week 2

The second week in Perth is over. Yesterday we went to Rottnest Island, named by the Dutch sea captain Vlaminck (“rats’ nest”) who mistook the quokkas for large rats; it is Wadjemup in the local Noongar language, and Rotto informally. … Continue reading

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Resources pages going down

At Queen Mary, I used to maintain two pages with links to resources, one for permutation groups, the other for designs. (The latter is quite separate from the website.) These pages have not been maintained for a long time … Continue reading

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The arXiv has made it easier to settle questions of priority, since all papers are date-stamped. However, it hasn’t made the problems go away. See for a depressing story. Will this kind of thing push us to a situation … Continue reading

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Generational equivalence

If you are interested in generating sets for finite groups, you may want to read this. I started this work with Colva Roney-Dougal some time ago, and I talked about it in Budapest last summer. Andrea Lucchini was in the … Continue reading

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Bad news from Leicester

Last week the news came round that the University of Leicester is forcing most of the mathematics departments to resign their posts and re-apply for them, with a quarter of them to be made redundant and many of the rest … Continue reading

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Yanchep National Park

Yesterday we visited Yanchep National Park, north of Perth. I went there on my first visit to Perth in 1966 (when I played golf for the first and last time in my life – I was not very good at … Continue reading

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