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Silly season gleanings

EPSRC have finally made it into Private Eye, into Pseuds Corner to be precise; the current edition quotes part of their definition of a sandpit. (The entire definition is several pages long. Thus, sample activities for the first stage, called … Continue reading

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The other St Andrews

Szentendre is a small town at the end of a suburban railway line from Budapest. I first visited it 22 years ago, in the winter; it was a beautiful place of artists’ studios and galleries, old Serbian churches full of … Continue reading

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Budapest moment

The moment of the rose and the moment of the yew tree Are of equal duration T. S. Eliot, “Little Gidding” This picture is of a corner of the sadly neglected gardens around the tomb of Gül Baba, the person … Continue reading

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Asymptotic group theory, 5

Now the conference is over. On the last morning, Marty Isaacs posed an interesting problem. Let p be a prime, and n a positive integer. Is there an infinite group in which exactly n elements are not pth powers? This … Continue reading

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Asymptotic group theory, 4

Thursday was a national holiday in Hungary, St Stephen’s Day if you are religious or traditional, Constitution Day if you are a communist. “The shrewd communists let the parliament pass the new constitution on August 20, 1949,” in the words … Continue reading

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Asymptotic group theory, 3

A Ramanujan graph is a connected finite graph of valency k whose eigenvalues (apart from k and −k) all have modulus at most 2√(k−1). This interval is the spectrum of the infinite k-valent tree T (regarded as an operator on … Continue reading

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Asymptotic group theory, 2

Inna Capdeboscq started proceedings this morning with a talk about one small part of the second-generation (Gorenstein–Lyons–Solomon) proof of the Classification of Finite Simple Groups. What she described will be volume 8 of the complete proof, if I remember correctly. … Continue reading

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