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Mathematical Structures

My last major job at Queen Mary University of London more than ten years ago was designing and presenting a new first-semester first-year module to be taken by all students on mathematics programmes or joint programmes involving mathematics. I discussed … Continue reading

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What is the University doing?

A new semester is about to start. An exciting time, since this semester I will be teaching a new module on Set Theory and Logic (jointly with Nik Ruskuc). The tentative enrolment in this module has clearly justified the need … Continue reading

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Two things that should be related

Here are two things that look as if there should be a relation between them. A graph duality In my paper on graphs defined on groups, I invented an ad hoc duality relation between pairs of graphs. The context is … Continue reading

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Portugal is one of my favourite countries in the world. In large part this is due to my colleague and friend João Araújo, who arranged for me to visit Portugal for the first time in 2008, and on all of … Continue reading

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Happy new year

The world has been a bit crazy for several years. Let us hope for better times. I hope to have more mathematics to tell you about soon.

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A theorem on polytopes

You know what polygons and polyhedra are. How do we extend their study to higher dimensions? There are two parts to this question. The first involves incidence geometry: vertices, edges, faces, etc. Here the generalisation is fairly straightforward. A polygon … Continue reading

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The road closure property

My work with João Araújo and other semigroup theorists has produced a number of permutation group properties which lie between primitivity and 2-homogeneity, especially the synchronization family. Another of these is the road closure propery, which I have discussed here … Continue reading

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A warning

I have just learned that I am losing my personal webpages at St Andrews, I know people have found some of this material useful. I will try to make it available in some other form, though this may have … Continue reading

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COBS and equitable partitions

It happens sometimes that researchers working in different fields study the same thing, give it different names, and don’t realise that there is further work on the subject somewhere else. Here is a story of such a situation, which arose … Continue reading

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An apology

What would life be like if I could remember all the things I ever knew? Yesterday I was led to something I posted here twelve years ago. This was based on a talk to the London Algebra Colloquium by Mark … Continue reading

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