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I count all the things that need to be counted.

A counting problem

I quite often get questions by email. Mostly I can’t answer them, but sometimes I can, and sometimes the answers might be of more general interest. Suppose that we have m boxes and a supply of identical balls. In how … Continue reading

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A trip to Hull

At the end of last week I went to Hull. This is a place I hadn’t been to before, although it was City of Culture last year. I stayed overnight in the Hull Royal Hotel, where Queen Victoria (pictured above) … Continue reading

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Publication lists and repositories

How many publications do I have? Actually, I don’t care too much about that; but if I were younger and applying for promotion, it would actually matter. But suppose you wanted to answer the question, or indeed to get copies … Continue reading

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A new kind of design?

Rosemary and I have just put on the arXiv a paper prompted by a question by Valery Fedorov. Suppose that we are testing a number v1 of drugs on a number v2 of cancer types. To simplify the protocol, at … Continue reading

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Summer research into print

I described here the outcome of a summer research project in 2016 with St Andrews undergraduates Horacio Guerra and Šimon Jurina, on power graphs of torsion-free groups. (It took us a while to write it up, for various reasons.) The … Continue reading

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I have been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. You can find the press release here.

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Equitable partitions of Latin square graphs

On our recent trip to Shanghai, Rosemary Bailey and I met Sergey Goryainov, who gave a talk about some joint work with his supervisor Alexander Gavrilyuk at the International Workshop on Bannai–Ito Theory in Hangzhou. I mentioned it in my … Continue reading

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