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I count all the things that need to be counted.

GRA Workshop 1

Last week was the introductory/instructional workshop for the Isaac Newton Institute’s six-month programme on Groups, Representations and Applications. We were thrown in the deep end right at the start. The first two talks were on what were claimed to be … Continue reading

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The Frattini argument

The Frattini subgroup of a finite group G can be defined in two equivalent ways: it is the intersection of all the maximal proper subgroups of G; it is the set of all non-generators of G, that is, elements which … Continue reading

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Happy new year

I hope the New Year is better than we deserve. I will be spending most of the first six months in Cambridge, at a group theory programme at the Isaac Newton Institute. So hopefully I will have some time for … Continue reading

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Sylow’s Theorem, from the book

The most important theorems of elementary group theory are those of Lagrange and Sylow. I want to describe here what I consider the most beautiful proof of the first part of Sylow’s Theorem, actually based on Sylow’s original proof. But … Continue reading

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Some good news among the gloom

The University of St Andrews has signed up to DORA, a mere seven years after the declaration was drawn up. We are committed to fair assessment of research rather than reliance on bibliometrics.

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Not dark yet

I had a bit of a shock this morning, when David Wallace sent sincere condolences to Rosemary. The December issue of the IMA magazine Mathematics Today records the death of Peter Cameron. But, I am afraid, it is not me.

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Election musings

We have a general election in just over a week, the third in less than five years. Like every election, there are multiple issues. I recommend Diamond Geezer’s post today on the Conservative manifesto; he has heroically read the whole … Continue reading

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