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Keevash on triangle decompositions

Today Peter Keevash finished four and a half hours of lectures on his latest improvement of his result on the existence of designs. I have heard him talk on this before, but in a one-hour talk he had time to … Continue reading

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Green on derangements

I have to mention Ben Green again. Yesterday he gave a lovely colloquium talk on a problem I had cracked my head against some years ago without much success. As usual with derangements, the story begins with a classical result: … Continue reading

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More graphs

John Bamberg is reporting on New Directions in Combinatorics on SymOmega (his report on Day 1 is here), so I will not even attempt to be comprehensive, but will just pick some plums. Not very long ago, I reported the … Continue reading

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Caps in AG(n,3)

For the past week and a half I have done little but mark exam papers. At some point during this, I looked at Tim Gowers’ blog, and read that a very significant improvement had very recently been made on the … Continue reading

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More groups

The title reminds me of the occasion when my academic grandfather lectured to the London Mathematical Society on “Moore graphs”. Unfortunately, someone got it wrong, and his lecture was billed as “More graphs”. But here I really do mean what … Continue reading

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London Combinatorics Colloquia 2016

The tenth London Combinatorics Colloquia took place over the last two days. (As was pointed out, this is not the same as the tenth anniversary!) A dozen really excellent talks, and I cannot do justice to them all, so I … Continue reading

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In or out?

I don’t usually do politics. But the standard of debate in the recent elections and the current referendum campaign has driven me to protest. I will stick to the referendum; enough has been said about the divisive campaign run by … Continue reading

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