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British Combinatorial Bulletin

The British Combinatorial Bulletin is an annual digest of information about combinatorics in the UK: people, courses, news, publications, and other items of interest. Over the course of its life it has changed considerably, most notably by a move from … Continue reading

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To Edinburgh yesterday for the admission of new Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The grey city was looking at its best in the spring sun: people were sitting on the grass in Princes Street Gardens, or crowding round … Continue reading

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I can’t resist passing on this, from last week’s Big Issue. Actress Elaine Cassidy likes knitting. She says, I love maths, and knitting is just maths, really. Now mathematicians have thought about weaving, but not (as far as I know) … Continue reading

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Equivalence relations, 2

I believe, and have said in earlier posts here and here on this blog, that the Equivalence Relation Theorem is the modern pons asinorum, the bridge which you must cross in order to become a mathematician: it is essential to … Continue reading

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BCC in Strathclyde

26th British Combinatorial Conference University of Strathclyde 3–7 July 2017 Make a note of the dates! Further details will follow. In the meantime, bookmark the website:

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BCC in Warwick

Time is running out to register for the British Combinatorial Conference in Warwick. The closing date is 15 June. So I am repeating the announcement from the BCC website here. The 25th British Combinatorial Conference takes place from 6 to … Continue reading

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Two combinatorics colloquia

One of the rituals of Spring for combinatorialists in the UK is meeting in London in May for two one-day colloquia, one at Queen Mary and the other at LSE. As always, this year’s colloquia provided very good instruction and … Continue reading

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