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Congratulations …

… to Rosemary Bailey, who has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. It is pleasing when one of us gets to go through such a door!

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Here is my calendar picture for March. The shiny fruit are images of an artwork based on concave circular mirrors in the Kampa Gallery in Prague, the art gallery which inspired the whole enterprise and provided the basic picture for … Continue reading

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Yesterday my colleague Collin Bleak sent me an email containing the number 1247. I will explain why this made me so pleased. Automata Our problem concerns automata. If you know Collin, you may suspect that it has something to do … Continue reading

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The combinatorial hierarchy

Following up a conversation with John Amson at Rufflets Hotel, just outside St Andrews, I was led to a paper on combinatorial physics: Ted Bastin, H. Pierre Noyes, John Amson, Clive W. Kilmister: On the physical interpretation and the mathematical … Continue reading

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Orbital combinatorics

Yesterday I went to Edinburgh to give a colloquium talk about synchronization, including the recent stuff about butterflies. The day before, I had discussed Artur Schäfer’s work with him, and he expressed a hope that if he went to the … Continue reading

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Red sky at night …

… is, if not a shepherd’s, at least a walker’s delight:

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February’s picture, called “Apocalypse on Charles Bridge”, is a composite: the silhouettes are figures from the famous Charles Bridge in Prague; the sky behind is over St Andrews, the picture was taken from just outside my front door. Charles Bridge … Continue reading

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