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On the Shanghai metro yesterday, we saw a man with a T-shirt bearing the caption ANTI SOCIAL SOCIAL CLUB Do I smell a trace of Cantor’s diagonal argument here? Perhaps even Russell’s paradox? Suppose that every social club is named … Continue reading

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Xu Guangqi

Our hotel in Shanghai is very close to the tomb of Xu Guangqi (1562-1633), Chinese Renaissance man: mathematician, first Chinese translator of Euclid, astronomer, calendar reformer, military strategist, agronomist, and more. Just across the road from our hotel is the … Continue reading

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In Shanghai

On Friday afternoon, at the LMS meeting, I received from the outgoing President Simon Tavaré the certificate for the Senior Whitehead Prize. Simon gave a delightful Presidential Address, but now is not the moment to describe it. Then a very … Continue reading

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Shrikhande 100

Professor S. S. Shrikhande is 100. I offer him my warmest congratulations and birthday greetings. Among much else in his distinguished career, he was one of the three who showed that a pair of orthogonal Latin squares exists for every … Continue reading

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Around All Hallows Eve

A few things to note, at this very autumnal time of year. On Saturday we went to a concert, part of the St Andrews Voices festival. The concert was given by Dowland Works (five singers including Emma Kirkby, and two … Continue reading

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Untangling academic publishing

Most academics would agree that academic publishing is in a period of rapid change, even upheaval; some would even argue that it is not acting in our interests. We produce the primary product, typeset it, act as editors or referees … Continue reading

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Charles Sims

This morning I received the news that Charles Sims died on Monday. Sims was one of the most influential figures in computational group theory, but was much more besides. His name is attached to two sporadic simple groups; the one … Continue reading

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