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Devon holiday

Last week we were on holiday, with Liz in Yealmpton (a village with a remarkable sequence of consonants in its name) on the river Yealm in west Devon. Liz had organised a remarkable holiday for us in this attractive part … Continue reading

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Infinity and Foundation

After the reviving effect of a week’s holiday, I have been thinking about Zermelo–Fraenkel set theory, inspired by a very nice student project I supervised (about which I hope to say something here sometime soonish). I have come across a … Continue reading

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BCC26, 2

The first lecture on Thursday was by Benny Sudakov, on robustness of graph properties. For purposes of exposition, he had decided to focus on one particular property, that of being Hamiltonian. Dirac’s famous theorem tells us that a graph on … Continue reading

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BCC26, 1

About halfway through the British Combinatorial Conference, at last I have time to say something about it. I am not just a combinatorialist, but I always feel that the BCC delegates are the group into which I naturally fit. It … Continue reading

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A prize

Time for a little blast on my own trumpet. At the meeting of the London Mathematical Society today, it was announced that I am the winner of the Senior Whitehead Prize this year. The rules for the prize state, in … Continue reading

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Finite geometry in Brighton

This week I am in Brighton, at a summer school on Finite Geometry aimed at PhD students, organised by Fatma Karaoglu. Despite the aim of the summer school, there are a few people here who are certainly not PhD students, … Continue reading

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I’ve just been at a conference called “Kinks 2”, or that might be “knkx 2” (I never saw it written down). But look at the list of topics: dynamics, functional equations, infinite combinatorics and probability. How could I resist that? … Continue reading

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