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Busy times, 9: Beyond the limit in St Petersburg

Anatoly Vershik is a universal mathematician, with influential work in asymptotic combinatorics, groups and group actions, probability, mathematical physics, and many other areas. This week, I was in St Petersburg for a conference with the wonderful title “Representations, Dynamics, Combinatorics: … Continue reading

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I have just come to the end of the longest uninterrupted sequence of conferences I have ever had: five in a row, one of them a two-week conference. Since the start of July I have been at conferences in Egham, … Continue reading

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Regenerative distributions on number partitions Earlier this week, my new colleague Sasha Gnedin gave a talk on “Regenerative Combinatorial Structures”. Regeneration is what certain newts do: if they lose their tail, a limb, or even an eye, they grow a … Continue reading

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Measuring triangle-free graphs

Anatoly Vershik is almost certainly the nearest thing to a universal mathematician that I know. The range of his interests is impossible to summarise: logic, algebra, combinatorics, analysis, probability, dynamical systems, mathematical physics, … I first met him in 2000, … Continue reading

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