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the shadow of the past

Hirst prize and lecture

Yesterday the London Mathematical Society held a meeting in St Andrews to celebrate the award of the inaugural Hirst Prize to my colleagues John O’Connor and Edmund Robertson. The prize is named after Thomas A. Hirst, 5th president of the … Continue reading

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Symmetries in light

Last night was the opening in St Andrews of an exhibition Symmetries in Light at the Byre Theatre. The exhibition, which ran in Edinburgh during Science Week there, is in St Andrews on four days starting today; so, if you … Continue reading

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Mercator (the Flemish cartographer Gerard de Kremer) produced his famous map projection in 1569. This is a method for mapping the curved surface of the earth on a plane map which is conformal (that is, angles are preserved, and hence … Continue reading

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Partition homogeneity

This post discusses a paper by Jorge André, João Araújo and me, which has just been accepted for the Journal of Algebra. There is a slight tangle to the history of this paper, which I want to describe. First a … Continue reading

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ANZ 9: Lagoon Pocket

The last leg of my trip to the Southern Hemisphere was Christmas with my brother John and his wife Jenny on their dairy farm at Lagoon Pocket, near Gympie. On the way from Alexandra Headland to Lagoon Pocket, as is … Continue reading

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ANZ 8: Glasshouses

The Glasshouse Mountains are a number of volcanic cores in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane. Over millions of years, the surrounding soil has eroded away leaving these strangely shaped peaks. They were named by Captain Cook … Continue reading

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ANZ 6: Prison island

Moreton Bay was first occupied by Europeans in 1824 as a prison for convicts transported from Britain. It was part of the New South Wales penal system, and was reserved for hardened criminals and recidivists. The commandant, Captain Logan, had … Continue reading

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