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the shadow of the past

Pirates of Pangaea

Neill’s new book came out a little while ago, and this morning I saw that he had finally got round to announcing it on his blog, and asking people to spread the news by word of mouth, since the publishers … Continue reading

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Last year, I commented on Darryl Cunningham‘s book Science Tales: Lies, Hoaxes and Scams, where he uses comic book format to tackle some big abuses of science: the MMR scam, fracking, climate change denial, and so on. This year, I … Continue reading

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Yesterday I went to a big exhibition at the Musée du Quai Branly (the anthropological museum of Paris). The exhibition was entitled “Mayas: Revelation d’un temps sans fin”, and with that enticing reference to infinity, I hoped that they would … Continue reading

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Spitalfields Nippers

Last night, the book of Horace Warner’s photographs of the Spitalfields Nippers was launched. Introduced by the Gentle Author, who runs the Spitalfields Life blog (“In the midst of life I woke to find myself living in an old house … Continue reading

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Pseudofields, quasifields, near-domains

Here is a piece of evidence which those who think that mathematics is invented rather than discovered will like. This concerns definitions. I wrote last year about the definitions of a group, a matroid, the real numbers, and primitivity. In … Continue reading

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The Portuguese city of Tomar was founded, on the site of a Roman town, by the Knights Templar in the twelfth century. (Many businesses in the town still use the Templar name or their logo, which is also found in … Continue reading

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10th birthday of MSG

Another event last week was the 10th anniversary talk in the Mathematics Study Group at South Bank University. This group was set up by Carrie Rutherford, whose photo is below (as well as a mathematician at South Bank, she is … Continue reading

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