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the shadow of the past

Antiflag-transitive groups

More than 35 years ago, Bill Kantor and I published a paper classifying the finite antiflag-transitive collineation groups of classical projective and polar spaces. This was before the Classification of Finite Simple Groups had been announced, although it was already … Continue reading

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To Edinburgh yesterday for the admission of new Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The grey city was looking at its best in the spring sun: people were sitting on the grass in Princes Street Gardens, or crowding round … Continue reading

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From the archive, 9

Looking for a book yesterday, I turned up a file of old papers. One of them I think deserves an afterlife, so I re-typed it and here it is. First, the background. Let A be an n×n matrix. The permanent … Continue reading

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Alas, Tower Hamlets

The politics of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets has been a cesspit for some time. The latest development is a judgment in the High Court of Justice that the Mayor, Lutfur Rahman, and his agent, Alibor Choudhury, were guilty … Continue reading

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Hamada cherries in St Andrews

At this time of year, the streets and gardens of St Andrews are full of extraordinary cherry blossom. I have just learned the reason. In 1975, Zenya Hamada was given permission to create a replica of the Old Course (I … Continue reading

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Richard and Edward

Did I detect just a small amount of provocation at NBSAN when Vicky Gould (from York) said to Rick Thomas (from Leicester), “You got our king”? Of course, this refers to Richard III, whose bones (as you most likely know) … Continue reading

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The Borders

Twelve years ago, I spent a very enjoyable four days on St Cuthbert’s Way, a long-distance walk crossing the border between England and Scotland. The walk officially goes from Melrose (where Cuthbert was prior of the abbey) to Holy Island … Continue reading

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