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Graphs on groups, 7

Nothing much to report, just a few connections. My long paper has appeared on-line ahead of publication in the International Journal of Group Theory. You can get a copy here (click on PDF). Next week, on Wednesday 12 May at … Continue reading

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Graphs on groups, 6

The Groups and Graphs seminar has been running well. I find that I feel close to many people in the seminar even though most likely we have not met face to face. So I feel concerned about the Covid wave … Continue reading

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Graphs on groups, 5

I gave two lectures on this stuff to a new research seminar on Groups and Graphs, run by Vijayakumar Ambat in Kochi, Kerala. The first was an introduction to the hierarchy, the second was about cographs and twin reduction, why … Continue reading

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Hoffman, Lovász and Haemers

At the weekend I attended remotely a memorial session for Alan Hoffman, organised by Bill Pulleyblank. I found it informative, as well as moving. Hoffman is well-known in the algebraic graph theory community for a number of remarkable achievements, including … Continue reading

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13th Iranian International Group Theory Conference

This week has been rather a rush. As well as the first week of semester (and my first ever experience of on-line undergraduate lecturing), I have been attending the 13th Iranian International Group Theory Conference in Urmia, Iran. (I had … Continue reading

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I have just spent the last four days in Kochi, Kerala, at the International Conference on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics, commemorating Srinivasa Ramanujan, the great Indian mathematician, on the 100th anniversary of his far-too-early death. The conference had perhaps … Continue reading

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In the last week of August, I attended for the first time a virtual conference. This was the 2020 Ural Workshop on Group Theory and Combinatorics, organised by Natalia Maslova at the Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg and her colleagues. … Continue reading

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Peter Sarnak’s Hardy Lecture

Yesterday, Peter Sarnak gave the London Mathematical Society’s 2020 Hardy Lecture (remotely). He talked about gaps in the spectra of connected cubic graphs. It was a talk properly described as a tour de force, applying to the problem ideas from … Continue reading

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GRA workshop 2

This workshop was on “Computational and algorithmic aspects” (of groups, representations and applications, presumably). In my opinion, this was the week when the programme really took off. There were many good talks, so as ever I shall just select a … Continue reading

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GRA Workshop 1

Last week was the introductory/instructional workshop for the Isaac Newton Institute’s six-month programme on Groups, Representations and Applications. We were thrown in the deep end right at the start. The first two talks were on what were claimed to be … Continue reading

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