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A week in Vienna

Last week, in the second week of Spring break in St Andrews, I was in Vienna, giving a course of lectures to the PhD students, at the invitation of Tomack Gilmore, a Queen Mary undergraduate now finishing his PhD with … Continue reading

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A scary evening

The picture is of Tommy Flowers, who built Colossus, the first computer. It was built to break the German High Command’s Fish cipher (Sägefisch) in the second world war; its construction would be regarded as heroic or despicable depending on … Continue reading

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Research Day 2017

Yesterday was the School’s third Research Day, a successful and enjoyable event involving contribution from all divisions. Hopefully the event is now self-sustaining. Short summaries of a few of the talks follow. The first two speakers both had “automata” in … Continue reading

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Prospects in Mathematics, 2

I didn’t say anything about my own talk at the Prospects in Mathematics meeting. But soon afterwards I was re-reading Lee Smolin’s 2006 book The Trouble with Physics, and it resonated with some of the things I said. My topic … Continue reading

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Prospects in Mathematics

I’ve just spent two days in York, at the annual Prospects in Mathematics meeting. This LMS-supported meeting is aimed at undergraduates or masters students who are thinking about doing a PhD, and tries to give them information about what research … Continue reading

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The nature of infinity, 2

On Thursday, the first in a series of public discussions on scientific topics was put on by an organisation called Mass Interaction (the name comes from a statement by Richard Feynman that “all mass is interaction”). John Barrow and I … Continue reading

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Old Codgers 2016

Yesterday, a beautiful sunny autumn day, I spent at the Old Codger’s Combinatorics Colloquium in Reading, where the campus with its lake and its many mature trees were looking glorious. There is some controversy about the position of the apostrophe … Continue reading

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