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Microsoft buys GitHub?

Some years ago, it was announced that Microsoft had done a deal with Donald Knuth and the American Mathematical Society and had bought the rights to TeX. It was slightly worrying until you noticed that the announcement was dated 1 … Continue reading

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Hermann Zapf

I learned from today’s Guardian that the type designer Hermann Zapf died last week at the age of 96. The journalist focussed his article on Zapf’s revolutionary Dingbats font, but for me and other TeX users, his great contribution was … Continue reading

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Computer blues

No, not a grumble: a story with a happy ending. Back in 2008, when the Asus eee-pc notebook came out, I got one of the first. I have written elsewhere about how it was indispensible on my Forder tour of … Continue reading

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Love them or hate them, most of us do both. Yesterday, in this short period of calm between academic trips, I decided to upgrade my laptop from Ubuntu 12.04LTS (“Precise Pangolin”) to Ubuntu 14.04LTS (“Trusty Tahr”). The LTS stands for … Continue reading

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Generation, t-designs and other mathematical notation

Donald Knuth, a mathematician (his adviser was Marshall Hall, his thesis on algebraic structures related to projective planes) turned computer scientist, became dissatisfied with typesetting while producing his multi-volume The Art of Computer Programming. So he took time off to … Continue reading

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Knuth on typesetting

Social media is ephemeral; mathematics has a surprising permanence. Where does that leave mathematics blogs? Looking at the viewing statistics, it is clear that some of my posts really are ephemeral: a post on my summer holiday has had just … Continue reading

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