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Combinatorial Theory

I learned yesterday of a new free and open-access journal, Combinatorial Theory, owned by its editorial board. There is a temporary web page here, on which the editorial board (including some familiar names) is listed. This journal joins a list … Continue reading

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Academic-Led Publishing Day

This event is on 7 February this year. You may be interested in taking part. The web address is And no, I knew nothing about it until I spent five minutes browsing this afternoon.

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Open access, once again

It seems to me that “open access”, in academic publishing, should include authors as well as readers; that is, there should be no heavy page charges for publishing an article (a small administrative charge is probably acceptable), and there should … Continue reading

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Two a day

In the distant past, issues of a journal would appear every two or three months, and publication date was no more precisely defined than this; you would only know that your paper had appeared when you received the journal (if … Continue reading

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Publication lists and repositories

How many publications do I have? Actually, I don’t care too much about that; but if I were younger and applying for promotion, it would actually matter. But suppose you wanted to answer the question, or indeed to get copies … Continue reading

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Bees, replication, and academic publishing

Bees are insects on which we depend. 35% of food crops grown worldwide require pollinators, but this 35% represents a much greater species diversity than the pollinator-independent crops; their loss would threaten human dietary diversity and consequently health. The most … Continue reading

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Untangling academic publishing

Most academics would agree that academic publishing is in a period of rapid change, even upheaval; some would even argue that it is not acting in our interests. We produce the primary product, typeset it, act as editors or referees … Continue reading

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The arXiv has made it easier to settle questions of priority, since all papers are date-stamped. However, it hasn’t made the problems go away. See for a depressing story. Will this kind of thing push us to a situation … Continue reading

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Combinatorics at the EMS

Combinatorics is flourishing, at least in the lists of the European Mathematical Society publishing house. A few years ago, I mentioned the new journal Combinatorics, Physics and their Interactions, aka Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré D. Now they have announced … Continue reading

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