Mathematical Structures

My last major job at Queen Mary University of London more than ten years ago was designing and presenting a new first-semester first-year module to be taken by all students on mathematics programmes or joint programmes involving mathematics. I discussed it in my LMS-Gresham lecture.

Now QMUL have dropped this module, so there is no problem with posting it here. It is on the “Lecture notes” page.

Mathematicians will know this stuff already, but if you know someone who is about to start a mathematics degree, that person may find this of some use.

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4 Responses to Mathematical Structures

  1. mf205 says:

    This is not to suggest that you shouldn’t be posting the notes, but it’s not true that QMUL has dropped the module. It’s just been re-named “Numbers, Sets & Functions”, with not much change in content.

    • Thanks Matt; I was jut going on what I had been told. Anyway, there had been some vague thoughts about publication, which seem to have died away.
      Incidentally, numbers, sets and functions form the minority of the original course; more important was things around mathematics such as, what is a definition, why are they important, how do I construct proofs, how do I spot wrong proofs?
      Let me take the opportunity to tell a little story. My son is a management accountant and at some point in the past was interviewing graduate applicants for a job in the company. One of them was a QM maths graduate, and without realising who he was talking to, he said that the only module at QM he had found useful was Mathematical Structures.

  2. Tendai says:

    Hi Peter. In your notes on p.36 the supplement about Venn, you have a p instead of “o” in among other things.

    • I’m afraid that when I looked through the notes before posting them yesterday, I found a depressing number of misprints, but I don’t have time at present for a thorough proofreading (not one of my best skills anyway). Caveat emptor, I an afraid.

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