Ubuntu upgrade

My Meenee laptop, running Ubuntu, has become a necessity for me. For the entire month of April, it was the only computing resource I had.

So I got a bit of a shock recently when it started nagging me to say that my current version of Ubuntu is no longer supported, and inviting me to upgrade. I was a bit nervous; what if the upgrade went disastrously wrong? (I’ve told the story of PC World technical support trying to remove the Recycler virus from my Windows XP laptop a couple of years ago, ending up removing everything except the virus.)

I am now in the middle of marking close to 300 exam scripts. Let your troubles all come together, I thought, so I went ahead with the upgrade while I sat in my armchair marking.

A little bit of research showed that you should only upgrade one step at a time or disaster will certainly strike. So, with some trepidation, I clicked the button to upgrade from 11.10 (“oneiric ocelot”) to 12.04 LTS (“precise pangolin”) at lunchtime yesterday. There were some nervous moments, such as when it rebooted and couldn’t find the /etc directory; but finally, after several hours, it was working.

Everything seems fine. I haven’t lost any of my shell script commands or aliases; my desktop looks exactly the same, apart from the fact that Skype has disappeared (which I don’t really mind); and all the programs I’ve tried seem to run as they should.

As its name might suggest, oneiric ocelot was a bit dozy; invoking various programs from the command line gave a cascade of error messages (but the programs still worked); and it seemed to take a long time to shut down. Precise pangolin has fixed both of these glitches.

Best of all, the magic letters LTS (“long-term support”) suggest that it won’t start nagging me again for a while, which is a good thing as far as I am concerned!

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