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Cycles and trees

The cycle has taken us up through forests … Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Here is a little nugget, and a problem. Nothing new but it might entertain you. Every permutation is a product of … Continue reading

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From the archive, 1

As a result of emptying my office, various old papers have come to light. (Many more interesting papers have no doubt gone into the skip; I had to work fast to meet the deadline.) From time to time I will … Continue reading

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The most beautiful tree in the world is the eucalyptus. If you know it only from backyard trees in Britain, or plantations around the Mediterranean, you will not agree; but if you have seen mountain ash in the Dandenongs, or … Continue reading

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  Araucaria is a family of trees that grow in the South Pacific region and neighbouring countries. I grew up familiar with two species, the bunya pine and the Norfolk Island pine; hoop pine is also common in Queensland. Bunya … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Isaac Newton Institute

On Wednesday this week I had the pleasure of attending a party to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Isaac Newton Institute. I think I was invited because I directed a programme there, on Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics, in 2008. … Continue reading

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