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Discrete Analysis launched

Tim Gowers’ new journal, Discrete Analysis, launched last week. I took a look, and in the first issue found an article I really needed to read. I urge you to take a look. The design is beautiful, and the website … Continue reading

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I told here the story of W. E. Opencomb, a nom de plume for a set of ten mathematicians (including me) at a research week at the Open University. This and other examples show that large collaborations in mathematics, though … Continue reading

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Hardy on blogging

Having had to dig out G. H. Hardy’s A Mathematician’s Apology to look up what he had to say about the number 153, it was inevitable that I would re-read it, and wonder what attitude Hardy would have taken to mathematics blogging. … Continue reading

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Cultures, tribes, or just an illusion?

Following the award of the Abel Prize to Endre Szemerédi, there have been some fairly hot-blooded comments on a couple of blogs. One person even put a comment on Tim Gowers’ blog challenging him to respond to one of these … Continue reading

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