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Ernie Shult

Ernie Shult died last month. I just heard the news, from Corneliu Hoffman’s mailing list. I first met Ernie at a “microconference” on permutation groups organised in Oxford by Peter Neumann in the early 1970s when I was just starting … Continue reading

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A trip to Coimbra

The University of Coimbra is the oldest in Portugal, having been founded in 1290 (younger than Oxford, older than St Andrews), but after bouncing back and forth between Coimbra and Lisboa for a while, it finally settled in Coimbra in … Continue reading

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Today is a bank holiday (even here in Scotland). I am sitting at home working. I have fallen so far behind that there is no alternative. Part of the trouble is that, over the next few months, I am giving … Continue reading

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Homogeneous Cayley objects, 2

I will discuss the question For which countable groups G is the random graph a Cayley graph for G? But first, how do we identify a homogeneous structure when we have one? Recognising homogeneous structures As we saw, a countable … Continue reading

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