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A matrix problem

Suppose you are given n linearly independent vectors in n-dimensional Euclidean space. You move the vectors so that each vector becomes longer, but their inner products remain the same. What happens to the volume of the parallelepiped they span? This … Continue reading

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Is my theory true?

Browsing through an old issue of Significance, the Royal Statistical Society glossy, I came upon an interesting article “Dicing with the unknown” by Tony O’Hagan, professor of statistics at Sheffield. It brought home to me something I hadn’t realised clearly … Continue reading

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The ADE affair, 4

Here is a cautionary tale to show that not everything that looks like an instance of the ADE classification actually is so. When I first learned about optimal design in statistics, I was very excited to find that there are … Continue reading

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The Royal Institution

The Royal Institution (or Ri, as its typographers have it) is one of the traditional bodies in Britain which explains science to the public, along with the Royal Society and the British Association. They overlap in function as well as … Continue reading

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The electron is round

Yesterday’s Guardian had a short piece about research showing that the electron is, within experimental error, perfectly round. They also mentioned that this has implications for theories of elementary particles: under certain theories including supersymmetry, there would be particles which … Continue reading

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International Review of Mathematics

The International Review panel presented its draft report at a meeting in London last month. I meant to say something about it before; but better late than never, maybe. As well as commentary, I will quote various bits of the … Continue reading

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