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All kinds of mathematics, 1

There is far too much, and far too diverse, mathematics going on here for me to describe all or even most of it. Nine plenary lectures on the first day! The talks are being live streamed at https://videocast.fccn.pt/live/idprovider_uab/kinds_mathematics_remind, though the … Continue reading

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The Higman–Thompson groups

I celebrated the last day of spring last week with the appearance of two substantial papers on the arXiv: one with Maria Elisa Fernandes, Dimitri Leemans, and Mark Mixer, proving that the maximum rank of a regular polytope whose group … Continue reading

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Regular polytopes, 2

In the preceding post with this title, I showed how to translate the existence question for regular polytopes into one concerning groups, specifically string C-groups. I will begin by saying a bit more about the reverse construction. Suppose that we … Continue reading

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