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British Mathematical Colloquium, day 1

The British Mathematical Colloquium began in St Andrews today. I will try to report some highlights, but I am recovering from food poisoning, so my account may be a bit sketchy in some places. Also, of course, there is no … Continue reading

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How the light got in, 2016

After two days in Hay-on-Wye at How the Light Gets In, I am back (temporarily) in London, my next gigs (in fairly quick succession) Oxford, Istanbul, and Lisbon. Unlike the deep Glastonbury-style mud of two years ago, we had lovely … Continue reading

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Regenerative distributions on number partitions Earlier this week, my new colleague Sasha Gnedin gave a talk on “Regenerative Combinatorial Structures”. Regeneration is what certain newts do: if they lose their tail, a limb, or even an eye, they grow a … Continue reading

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Does randomness exist?

Probability and randomness has proved to be a popular and controversial topic on this blog. So I am pleased to introduce a guest post by Barbara Jolie, whose by-line occurs at the end of the piece, musing on the question … Continue reading

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