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Outer automorphisms

I have just put on the arXiv a paper I wrote with Sam Tarzi ten years ago. I want to say here something about the context, the contents of the paper, and the reason for posting it now. Outer automorphisms … Continue reading

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A precious jewel

One of my favourite textbooks is Simmons’ Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis. In the introduction, the author distinguishes two types of mathematics: the rare jewels, like the formula saying that the Riemann zeta function evaluated at 2 is π2/6; … Continue reading

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Almost highly transitive

I want to discuss a concept I have known about for quite a long time, but never found any real use for. Suggestions welcome! Highly transitive groups A permutation group is n-transitive if it has a single orbit on the … Continue reading

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A visit to Oxford

Last night I went to Oxford to talk to the Invariants, the undergraduate mathematics society. I first arrived in Oxford in 1968; the mathematicians had fairly recently moved into the new Mathematical Institute. The letters I had received in Australia … Continue reading

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