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A paradox, and where it led

What is the difference between a contradiction and a paradox? A contradiction is a dead end, a sign that the road leads nowhere and you should turn back and take the other road. A paradox, however, is an invitation to … Continue reading

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Aliens Do Exist

The people from the planet Ade have intercepted radio transmissions from Earth, and have discovered that we know about the Petersen graph and the root system E6. One day, a flying saucer from Ade arrives on Earth and delivers an … Continue reading

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Outer automorphisms

I have just put on the arXiv a paper I wrote with Sam Tarzi ten years ago. I want to say here something about the context, the contents of the paper, and the reason for posting it now. Outer automorphisms … Continue reading

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A precious jewel

One of my favourite textbooks is Simmons’ Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis. In the introduction, the author distinguishes two types of mathematics: the rare jewels, like the formula saying that the Riemann zeta function evaluated at 2 is π2/6; … Continue reading

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Almost highly transitive

I want to discuss a concept I have known about for quite a long time, but never found any real use for. Suggestions welcome! Highly transitive groups A permutation group is n-transitive if it has a single orbit on the … Continue reading

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A visit to Oxford

Last night I went to Oxford to talk to the Invariants, the undergraduate mathematics society. I first arrived in Oxford in 1968; the mathematicians had fairly recently moved into the new Mathematical Institute. The letters I had received in Australia … Continue reading

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