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The coincidence of Peter Neumann’s funeral and Eric Lander’s elevation in the last few days has inevitably made me think about family (in the mathematical sense). First, pictures of my aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, taken … Continue reading

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Memories of Peter Neumann

What follows are memories, and at my age my memory is not totally reliable, so don’t take any of this as absolute truth. But it is important to say that Peter was one of the kindest people. I owe him … Continue reading

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Peter Neumann

This terrible year has claimed another victim. Peter Neumann died this morning in Oxford, peacefully, of Covid. Peter was my DPhil supervisor, later colleague, always friend. I will not say more now.

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Charles Sims

This morning I received the news that Charles Sims died on Monday. Sims was one of the most influential figures in computational group theory, but was much more besides. His name is attached to two sporadic simple groups; the one … Continue reading

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Beginning a career

Yesterday was my tenth consecutive day of conferences. I’ll start this post with a detour. Bill Tutte was one of the deepest thinkers on combinatorics in the twentieth century. One of my favourite mathematics books is his Graph theory as … Continue reading

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From the archive, 10

Here, for the record, are the other papers in the cache I found this week. Apart from preprints of papers which were published, there are five typescripts and a number of handwritten pages. The unpublished typescripts are: Rosemary A. Bailey … Continue reading

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