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Permutation patterns, days 3-5

I never promised to write something every day … Anyway, the conference is now over. The LMS conference wi-fi was just not up to the demands of a conference big enough to fill the Hardy room, so lots of on-line … Continue reading

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Equivalence relations, 2

I believe, and have said in earlier posts here and here on this blog, that the Equivalence Relation Theorem is the modern pons asinorum, the bridge which you must cross in order to become a mathematician: it is essential to … Continue reading

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OuLiPo, or Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle (which they translate as “Charity bazaar of potential literature”) were a collection of writers I knew little about until yesterday. I knew a couple of things: Martin Gardner wrote about them, mentioning among other … Continue reading

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Bijective proofs

A fourth proof Last month I described three proofs of the formula for the number of ways to choose k objects from a set of n, if repetition is allowed and order is not significant; it is the same as … Continue reading

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Busy times, 4

I meant to finish up the last item with a comment on the relationship between teaching and examining. I have never regarded examining as more than a necessary evil for teachers. So many times, while I was marking the scripts, … Continue reading

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