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A mathematical promenade

I haven’t posted for a while; I have been in China where the firewall allows me to read WordPress but not to post. Normal service now resumed (hopefully). Given four real polynomials, all of which vanish at the origin, suppose … Continue reading

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3rd Scottish Combinatorics Meeting

This week we had the third in the series of Scottish Combinatorics Meetings. The series was begun by Kitty Meeks in Glasgow; she ran it for two years, and this year it moved to St Andrews. Fittingly, Kitty was invited … Continue reading

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Permutation patterns, day 1

Today is the first day of Permutation Patterns 15, at the London Mathematical Society headquarters in De Morgan House. Registration began at 8.30. I don’t like using the Underground at that time of day if it can be avoided; but … Continue reading

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Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference 2015

This week I was at the Postgraduate Combinatorial Conference, which was held in Queen Mary, University of London. It was one of the liveliest PCCs I have been to, with about 35 delegates from all over England, Scotland, and further … Continue reading

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A problem and a bet

In the young but flourishing subject of permutation patterns, it is usual to regard a permutation of {1,…,n} as simply a sequence containing each of these numbers just once. So 31542 is a permutation of {1,…,5}. This is in agreement … Continue reading

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The South-Eastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing has been going for 44 years. I am not sure of its early history. For some time it alternated between Boca Raton (Florida) and Baton Rouge (Louisiana), but now it … Continue reading

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Homogeneous Cayley objects, 4

I started this sequence to give myself an incentive to prove an old conjecture of mine; and this time it worked. Yesterday I put a paper on the arXiv; it should appear in Monday’s mailing. Here is a preview of … Continue reading

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