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Advanced Combinatorics: the St Andrews lectures

Three years ago, when I joined the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St Andrews, it was suggested that I might like to give a final year MMath module on “Advanced Combinatorics”. No compulsion. Well, of course … Continue reading

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Orbital combinatorics

Yesterday I went to Edinburgh to give a colloquium talk about synchronization, including the recent stuff about butterflies. The day before, I had discussed Artur Schäfer’s work with him, and he expressed a hope that if he went to the … Continue reading

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Counting colourings of graphs

Every graph theorist knows that the colourings of a graph with a given number of colourings are counted by a certain polynomial, the chromatic polynomial of the graph. My purpose here is to point out that there is more to … Continue reading

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After the last bit of bureaucratic nonsense, what a relief to turn to mathematics again. Maximilien Gadouleau and I have just submitted a paper about a concept for finite metric spaces somewhat related to domination, which we call remoteness. It … Continue reading

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