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Open access and the arXiv

HEFCE is dead, long live Research England(?) This new body is responsible for the REF. Their website makes the following statement about open access: Open access is central to UK Research and Innovation’s ambitions for research and innovation in the … Continue reading

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Open access, once again

It seems to me that “open access”, in academic publishing, should include authors as well as readers; that is, there should be no heavy page charges for publishing an article (a small administrative charge is probably acceptable), and there should … Continue reading

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Journal of Computation and Mathematics

The London Mathematical Society includes in its portfolio a single diamond open access journal, the Journal of Computation and Mathematics. But not for much longer, if the LMS Council has its way. A group of interested persons (whose names have … Continue reading

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Full text

One of the benefits of the pressure for open access from funding bodies and governments is that academic publishers have opened their archives, and full text is typically available for papers from five years after publication. This is particularly valuable … Continue reading

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More on open access

The European Mathematical Society Newsletter has often discussed new developments in academic publishing, in particular open access. In the current issue, it returns to the fray with four somewhat contrasting opinions from a two semi-retired academics, two editors of Zentralblatt … Continue reading

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Lists, 2

I have been spending idle moments recently editing posts on this blog to get around quirks of the WordPress style, as described here. Following yesterday’s post, I’ve been noting down posts which contain lists. Here is a partial list: Conference … Continue reading

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HEFCE and open access

I read the HEFCE document that Ursula drew attention to in her comment on my recent post about the LMS and open access. There are a couple of things we should be aware of. It is a consultation document, released … Continue reading

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The LMS and open access

The London Mathematical Society is launching a new open-access journal, to be called the Transactions of the London Mathematical Society, to stand alongside their Bulletin, Journal and Proceedings. Apart from the obvious reason (that nobody knows what is going to … Continue reading

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In the sky with diamonds

While I was on holiday, one very good thing happened. First as background, you might like to look at this post on SymOmega by John Bamberg, adding two new types to the existing gold and green open access. The significant … Continue reading

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