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Michel Deza

I have just heard that Michel Deza died in an accidental fire in his apartment in Paris. Michel was one of my earliest collaborators, and a good friend. This is not an obituary, just a few words to mark his … Continue reading

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Matroids and polymatroids

Jack Edmonds’ LTCC intensive course is now over. It differed in several respects from what was advertised. First, he shared the presentation with Alex Fink on a roughly equal basis; second, bimatrix games were shelved in favour of some exciting … Continue reading

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Computational algebra in Lisbon

This week I was at a very nice workshop on Computational Algebra in Lisbon. Rarely do I learn so many new things at a conference, although it was only three days in duration. Here are some of the highlights, roughly … Continue reading

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Dima Fon-Der-Flaass

Yesterday, Edwin van Dam reminded us of a conjecture he and Willem Haemers made ten years ago: almost all graphs are determined by their spectra. This contrasts with the situation for special classes of graphs such as trees, and indeed … Continue reading

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Will computers discover topology?

We have just had, as usual, a set of very fine lectures at the British Combinatorial Conference at Royal Holloway. I’ve said a bit about the lectures by Doron Zeilberger and Einar Steingrímsson. I can’t discuss them all, but I … Continue reading

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The Aitken lectures

Last Friday and this Monday we were visited by Geoff Whittle, the 2011 Aitken lecturer, sponsored by the London Mathematical Society. It was good for me to go some small way towards repaying Geoff’s hospitality when I was in Wellington … Continue reading

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Combinatorial representations

It is nice when several things that I care about come together. That is the story I have to tell here. Some history In April 2008, I visited New Zealand as the Forder Lecturer, a collaborative venture of the London … Continue reading

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Sometimes you have to make things more complicated in order to make them simpler. My old friend Aiden Bruen visited this week, and told me about a paper by him and his son Trevor which has just appeared in the … Continue reading

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