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Conference announcement

The organisers have asked me to advertise this event, which I am happy to do The closing date for reduced rate registration is at the end of March. Please think about coming! Conference in honour of Peter Cameron / abstract … Continue reading

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All kinds of mathematics …

Please reserve the dates 24-27 July 2017 in your diary! Next year, I will turn 70. Some good friends (notably João Araújo) are arranging a conference in Lisbon to mark the occasion, and many other good friends have agreed to … Continue reading

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Lisbon 2016

As the picture (medronho fruit and eucalyptus leaves) might suggest, I am in Portugal: this was taken in Monsanto (not the wicked chemical company but the forest park on a hill just west of Lisbon). I was meant to be … Continue reading

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From Lisbon to Prague

A plane, three trains, various buses and tubes, and I have been translated from Lisbon to Prague. Time to celebrate with some eye candy perhaps: from here to here: Prague is beautiful too, and full of magic:

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Pedro Nunes

Pedro Nunes was a Portuguese mathematician of the sixteenth century, perhaps the greatest mathematician of his time in Europe. Yesterday I was treated to a very informative short presentation about Nunes and his work by the historian of science Henrique … Continue reading

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Cameron at CAUL

I have always believed in the onion theory of personality expressed so eloquently by Ibsen in Peer Gynt. Well, I have just grown another layer. I have been honoured by being elected to membership of CAUL, the Centre for Algebra … Continue reading

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On TV, 2

The video clip of Rosemary and me at the Universidade Aberta (Open University) in Portugal has been recycled into part of a programme shown on Portuguese national televisionat 7pm this evening. You can watch the whole thing here. Our appearance … Continue reading

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A Lisbon square

Are there languages other than English in which the words for an urban space and a regular 4-gon are the same?

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Semigroups, quasigroups

   Lisbon and Prague are two of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In the last week of July 2011, Lisbon hosted a conference on groups and semigroups, and Prague one on quasigroups and loops. I was at the Lisbon … Continue reading

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