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The road closure property

My work with João Araújo and other semigroup theorists has produced a number of permutation group properties which lie between primitivity and 2-homogeneity, especially the synchronization family. Another of these is the road closure propery, which I have discussed here … Continue reading

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An O’Nan-Scott note

My old friend Leonard Soicher is visiting St Andrews this week, having made a better job of retiring than I did. Today he gently took me to task for using the expression “simple diagonal type” for one of the types … Continue reading

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A cliff

The “combinatorial explosion” is a well-known phenomenon. I recently came across a very dramatic example of it. I was trying to compute the function F(n,k), defined to be the maximum of |S|×|P|, over all sets S of k-subsets and all … Continue reading

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This has been a week of farewells from Queen Mary, after 28 years; certainly for me the end of an era. A leaving party First, on Monday, we had a leaving party, for four of us: apart from me there … Continue reading

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