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Hoffman, Lovász and Haemers

At the weekend I attended remotely a memorial session for Alan Hoffman, organised by Bill Pulleyblank. I found it informative, as well as moving. Hoffman is well-known in the algebraic graph theory community for a number of remarkable achievements, including … Continue reading

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Erdos number website update

The Erdős Number Project website, run by Jerry Grossman at Oakland University, has updated its data files, for the first time since 2010. Robert Bailey will be pleased, since he is now recognised as not the same person as Rosemary … Continue reading

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I have just come to the end of the longest uninterrupted sequence of conferences I have ever had: five in a row, one of them a two-week conference. Since the start of July I have been at conferences in Egham, … Continue reading

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Homomorphisms modulo a prime

Two of my colleagues have been doing interesting things with counting homomorphisms modulo a prime; Thomas Müller with group homomorphisms, and Mark Jerrum with graph homomorphisms. I may get round to discussing Thomas’s work later. Here I want to discuss … Continue reading

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Graph limits and random graphs

These ideas are quite new to me, and maybe my exposition of them is a bit incoherent; but I think there are some interesting questions here. An old problem of mine on random graphs with forbidden subgraphs may be illuminated … Continue reading

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