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This year I celebrated my 65th birthday (if that is the right word; almost nobody noticed). But for a recent change in the law, that would be that so far as employment goes. I would not be able to continue … Continue reading

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Female mathematicians

The Isaac Newton Institute has a collection of short interviews with female mathematicians who have visited the Institute. It is described as an occasional series of interviews with female mathematical scientists. In this series we hope to showcase the achievements … Continue reading

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I have just spent a month as a visiting fellow at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge, on a programme entitled “Design and Analysis of Experiments”. When you arrive at the Cambridge railway station, the town proclaims itself “Home of … Continue reading

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A matrix problem

Suppose you are given n linearly independent vectors in n-dimensional Euclidean space. You move the vectors so that each vector becomes longer, but their inner products remain the same. What happens to the volume of the parallelepiped they span? This … Continue reading

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Ecology and banking

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the annual correspondents’ meeting at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge. Apart from discussions about Institute policy and functioning, these occasions provide entertainment in the form of two lectures. One of the lectures … Continue reading

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