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Publication lists and repositories

How many publications do I have? Actually, I don’t care too much about that; but if I were younger and applying for promotion, it would actually matter. But suppose you wanted to answer the question, or indeed to get copies … Continue reading

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To return to an old theme: Today my h-index has reached 50, at least in the opinion of Google Scholar. According to this site, I have 10259 citations. In case you think this is unreasonably high, you might turn to … Continue reading

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Dodgy data

At the beginning of the year, my h-index on Google Scholar was 45. This is not going to be a rant about the vacuity of the h-index, or only indirectly. I don’t spend time working this out; Google Scholar does … Continue reading

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Counting coauthors, 2

I have decided to move one step towards practising what I preach. The arXiv is now the de facto place of publication of many mathematics papers; Google Scholar recognises it, as do various other sites such as ResearchGate. So shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Google Scholar citations

This is too good not to report! I looked at my Google Scholar page today. One of the items had an asterisk by it, so I decided to explore. It helpfully explained that this citation may include more than one … Continue reading

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Counting coauthors

I have been moving various files from Queen Mary to St Andrews. After the recent discussion about what constitutes publication, I started wondering about who counts as a co-author. I believe I have 152 coauthors of published or accepted papers. … Continue reading

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