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Graphs defined on groups

I’ve been spending time I can ill afford on various questions related to graphs whose vertex set is a group G and which capture some of the structure of G. (I interpret this to mean that the graph is invariant … Continue reading

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Groups and graphs

Two new preprints have appeared on the arXiv (2008.09291 and 2009.02884), about which I would like to say something. One is by Saul Freedman, the other by him and two co-authors (his PhD supervisors). The intersection graph of a group … Continue reading

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Scottish Combinatorics Meeting 2018

Last week saw the fourth annual Scottish Combinatorial Meeting in Edinburgh, in the Informatics Forum at the University of Edinburgh. The building was new to me, but easy enough to find, and having a terrace with a fine view of … Continue reading

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Asymptotic group theory, 5

Now the conference is over. On the last morning, Marty Isaacs posed an interesting problem. Let p be a prime, and n a positive integer. Is there an infinite group in which exactly n elements are not pth powers? This … Continue reading

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