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An LTCC book

The Taught Course Centres for PhD students in the Mathematical Sciences were set up as the result of a recommendation of the last-but-one International Review of Mathematics. The review panel said that the highly specialised nature of British PhDs meant … Continue reading

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Discrete mathematics and Big Data: summary

This is my summary of the symposium held on 15–17 February 2016 in St Andrews. I will give a few thoughts of my own, followed by my take on some of the things we have heard over the course of … Continue reading

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Asymptotic group theory, 5

Now the conference is over. On the last morning, Marty Isaacs posed an interesting problem. Let p be a prime, and n a positive integer. Is there an infinite group in which exactly n elements are not pth powers? This … Continue reading

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Finite simple groups

The blog Gödel’s Last Letter and P=NP is always worth reading. The two bloggers, RJ Lipton and KW Regan, are computer scientists, but they have interesting things to say about developments in mathematics, and other areas too. For example, last year they … Continue reading

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Yesterday, my friend and ex-colleague Dan Hughes emailed a group of his friends to explain that he had established that earth had been visited in antiquity by alien group theorists. How else to explain that the number of minutes in … Continue reading

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