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A challenge

Let a(n) be defined in the following manner. Write n as an ordered sum of positive integers in all possible ways. (The number of such expressions is 2n−1; showing this is a pleasant exercise, but it is not relevant for … Continue reading

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Exploring University Mathematics

This week, a book called Exploring University Mathematics, 1 rose to the top of the pile on my bookshelf. Now there is no shortage of books which do what the title of this one promises, for non-mathematicians, or school pupils … Continue reading

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The South-Eastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing has been going for 44 years. I am not sure of its early history. For some time it alternated between Boca Raton (Florida) and Baton Rouge (Louisiana), but now it … Continue reading

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Raymond Brownell’s exhibition

Raymond Brownell is one of a select group of artists whose work is informed by mathematics. Raymond was born in Tasmania, and worked as an architect, having been involved with the Sydney Opera House. He now lives in Sussex and … Continue reading

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