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Last week I was at an EPSRC “Pure mathematics engagement workshop” discussing updating the research council’s landscapes. I felt it was a good and productive meeting. In the past, there have been tensions between researchers and funders, some of which … Continue reading

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Data science and statistics

Words change their meanings. Once “biometrics” referred to the use of statistics in studying biological systems such as agriculture (as opposed to, say, “technometrics”): now only one item on the Google top ten refers to the International Biometric Society, so … Continue reading

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Silly season gleanings

EPSRC have finally made it into Private Eye, into Pseuds Corner to be precise; the current edition quotes part of their definition of a sandpit. (The entire definition is several pages long. Thus, sample activities for the first stage, called … Continue reading

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This time last year I was wondering whether to renew my subscription to Nature. Now I have decided not to. This is not only because soon I will be living on a pension and should start cutting my expenses; I … Continue reading

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EPSRC and mathematics

At a meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium Scientific Committee last Wednesday, John Hunton remarked that he was on the EPSRC SAT for mathematics, and offered to lead a discussion of recent EPSRC policy. I found this very informative, and … Continue reading

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Our future in their hands?

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC in what follows) are the source of most of the funding for mathematics research in the United Kingdom. They have just released a document which shows how mathematical sciences will be actively … Continue reading

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International Review of Mathematics

The International Review panel presented its draft report at a meeting in London last month. I meant to say something about it before; but better late than never, maybe. As well as commentary, I will quote various bits of the … Continue reading

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