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Donald Preece Memorial Day

On Thursday we held a memorial day for Donald Preece at Queen Mary. You can find a web page with the program and information here. This page will remain as a record for the time being. If you have anything … Continue reading

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Donald Preece Memorial Day

Registration for the Donald Preece Memorial Day closes on Monday August 17. Please to to this link to register.

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Donald’s design

In 1982, Donald Preece published a remarkable design (a “double Youden rectangle”) which he had recently constructed. The design is a layout of an ordinary pack of playing cards, with properties described below. I discussed this design before here. Donald … Continue reading

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Donald Preece memorial day: registration open

Registration for the memorial event for Donald Preece is now open, on this webpage. The cost is £20 for the meeting, with coffee, lunch and tea, and £40 for the reception and dinner. Information about the conference is here. You … Continue reading

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Donald Preece memorial day

Donald Preece Memorial Day On Thursday, 17 September, in the Fogg Lecture Theatre at Queen Mary University of London, there will be a memorial day for Donald Preece, statistician, combinatorialist, and organist. Put the date in your diary, and bookmark … Continue reading

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Donald Preece: obituary and bibliography

Rosemary has written a long obituary of Donald, far too long for a journal to consider, but worth having on record (I think).

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Preece on doing research

In a paper entitled “Tight single-change covering designs — the inside story”, published in the Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications, Donald Preece described how a piece of mathematical research actually gets done, forgotten, revived, extended, and … Continue reading

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Primitive lambda-roots

Nearly ten years ago, Donald Preece and I wrote the first draft of a set of notes on primitive lambda-roots. We could never decide what do do with them: they were too short for a monograph, too long (and expository) … Continue reading

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An organ recital

Last week, the refurbished organ in the Great Hall of the People’s Palace at Queen Mary was officially inaugurated. Along with the Purcell, Bach, Handel, Wesley, Ketelby, Coates, and so on, was a piece by my colleague and co-author Donald … Continue reading

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A card trick, 2

As promised, here is some discussion of Donald Preece’s puzzle. I first met Donald at the British Combinatorial Conference in Aberystwyth in 1973; we sat together on the coach on the excursion. At the time, he worked in horticultural research. … Continue reading

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