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We hear a lot about equality, diversity and inclusion now. Perhaps it would be good to remind ourselves of the formal definition. A and B are equal if, for all x, we have (x∈A) ↔ (x∈B). A and B are diverse if … Continue reading

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Impostor Syndrome

I have learned a new term: Impostor Syndrome. This came up in a report in the London Mathematical Society newsletter of a meeting in St Andrews on gender diversity in mathematics (which I didn’t attend). Impostor Syndrome is described by … Continue reading

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Last week we had a fascinating seminar by Tom Leinster, from Glasgow, with the title “Entropy, diversity and magnitude”. The abstract is here, and certainly suggested something interesting in prospect. I’ll introduce the topic with a modification of one of … Continue reading

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International Review of Mathematics

The International Review panel presented its draft report at a meeting in London last month. I meant to say something about it before; but better late than never, maybe. As well as commentary, I will quote various bits of the … Continue reading

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