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G2D2, 1: setting the scene

I’m in Yichang, at the China Three Gorges University, for the conference and summer school G2D2 (“Groups and graphs, designs and dynamics”). This is the sixth meeting in the series: the previous ones were G2C2: Groups and graphs, cycles and … Continue reading

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Keevash on triangle decompositions

Today Peter Keevash finished four and a half hours of lectures on his latest improvement of his result on the existence of designs. I have heard him talk on this before, but in a one-hour talk he had time to … Continue reading

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Two combinatorics colloquia

One of the rituals of Spring for combinatorialists in the UK is meeting in London in May for two one-day colloquia, one at Queen Mary and the other at LSE. As always, this year’s colloquia provided very good instruction and … Continue reading

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From the archive, 10

Here, for the record, are the other papers in the cache I found this week. Apart from preprints of papers which were published, there are five typescripts and a number of handwritten pages. The unpublished typescripts are: Rosemary A. Bailey … Continue reading

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Busy times, 4

I meant to finish up the last item with a comment on the relationship between teaching and examining. I have never regarded examining as more than a necessary evil for teachers. So many times, while I was marking the scripts, … Continue reading

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The word “solutions” is much overused, even misused, now. When I see a van with “Cleaning solutions” on the side, I imagine it full of containers of ammonia or soapy water, while “Printing solutions” can only mean ink … But … Continue reading

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Ten years ago, Queen Mary had a study programme in Discrete Mathematics. We were one of the first universities in Britain to do this, and I believe they invented a special UCAS code for the course. The study programme was … Continue reading

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