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Why I’d like to see this solved

I am aware that quite a number of people have been captivated by the problem I posed. So here is the motivation for it, with some additional remarks and commennts. First, to repeat the problem: Problem: Let n be a … Continue reading

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The power graph yet again

Five years ago, I posted a short update on the power graph of a group. Now, finally, the paper resulting from this has appeared on the arXiv; my coauthors are Ghodratollah Aalipour, Saieed Akbari, Reza Nikandish and Farzad Shaveisi. I … Continue reading

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This is the sequence of degrees of primitive groups which don’t synchronize a map of rank 3, equivalently graphs with clique number and chromatic number 3 having primitive automorphism groups. You could argue that the sequence should start with 3, … Continue reading

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