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The nature of infinity, 2

On Thursday, the first in a series of public discussions on scientific topics was put on by an organisation called Mass Interaction (the name comes from a statement by Richard Feynman that “all mass is interaction”). John Barrow and I … Continue reading

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History of the Random Graph

That wonderful object, the countable random graph, was first considered by Erdős and Rényi in their paper on “Asymmetric graphs” in 1963. After proving that a large random finite graph (edges chosen independently with probability 1/2) has (with high probability) … Continue reading

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The Infinite Quest

In late May, I was in Hay-on-Wye at the How the Light Gets In festival. I talked about humanity’s engagement with infinity over the last few millennia, from Malunkyaputta’s questions to the Buddha and Aristotle’s disavowal of a completed infinity … Continue reading

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