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BCC29 at Lancaster

Last week we celebrated the 29th British Combinatorial Conference in Lancaster, face to face. (As a side observation, this was by far the largest social gathering I have been at since the start of the pandemic; I found it both … Continue reading

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Mary Queen of Scots Way

Walking is very popular now. To meet the demand, many new named long-distance paths have been created. I wrote earlier about my proposed X to Y walk, which I fully intended to do when I retired, but I haven’t quite … Continue reading

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BCC26, 1

About halfway through the British Combinatorial Conference, at last I have time to say something about it. I am not just a combinatorialist, but I always feel that the BCC delegates are the group into which I naturally fit. It … Continue reading

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BCC in Strathclyde

26th British Combinatorial Conference University of Strathclyde 3–7 July 2017 Make a note of the dates! Further details will follow. In the meantime, bookmark the website: http://combinatorics.cis.strath.ac.uk/bcc2017/

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British Combinatorial Committee

Announcing a new website for the British Combinatorial Committee: https://britishcombinatorial.wordpress.com/. The British Combinatorial Committee is a charity, registered in Scotland, whose objective is the support of combinatorial and discrete mathematics in the United Kingdom. I have the honour of being … Continue reading

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From the archive, 6

There were a few 1997 BCC T-shirts in my office when I cleared it out. Cheapskate that I am, I used them for Christmas presents. (They are very good quality!)

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Conference proceedings

In some subjects, a paper in a prestigious conference proceedings is the pinnacle of a researcher’s career. It has never really been so in mathematics, and is now less so than ever. This is partly, I think, because of the … Continue reading

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Conferences in July

It would be the 100th birthday of Paul Erdős, if he were still with us. The Rényi Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences are marking the ocasion with an Erdős Centennial conference in the first week of July. In … Continue reading

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