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Looking back

I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. Many things are written about the 1960s now, some by people who weren’t there, some by people who don’t remember, so I probably don’t have much to add. Things were not a … Continue reading

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Nobel prizes

From In the Loop, the St Andrews weekly newsletter: Hot on the heels of Honorary graduate Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart being awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, our own Doctor of Music Bob Dylan was yesterday (Thursday 13 October) announced … Continue reading

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Here is a small contribution to Bob Dylan scholarship. This occurred to me during jetlag-induced sleeplessness. In several of Dylan’s songs of the mid-1960s, there is an association between mysterious dominating women and drums: The heroine of “She belongs to … Continue reading

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John Lennon

Last weekend I happened to be in the centre of town near Oxford Street. (One of my grandsons has a birthday coming up – you can probably guess where I was.) I knew that at some time in the not … Continue reading

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Fibonacci numbers, 1

The only thing we knew for sure about Henry Porter is that his name wasn’t Henry Porter, said Bob Dylan. Mathematics is littered with things named after people who didn’t invent them. According to Alan Sokal, the Ising model was … Continue reading

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Monty Hall revisited

When Sasha Gnedin was interviewed for his position here, he had lunch with me and told me about his new take on the Monty Hall problem. It has now appeared here in the Mathematical Intelligencer. To summarise briefly: you are … Continue reading

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Every collaboration I have had with a mathematical colleague is different; maybe there are some broad types. A couple of my collaborators I met for the first time years after our joint papers were published. In some cases, the work … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan is 70

Happy birthday, Bob! I mention this here not just because I like his work, but because he is an artist who is not scared of mathematics. He described Robbie Robertson as “the only mathematical guitar genius I’ve ever run into … Continue reading

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