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Antiflag-transitive groups

More than 35 years ago, Bill Kantor and I published a paper classifying the finite antiflag-transitive collineation groups of classical projective and polar spaces. This was before the Classification of Finite Simple Groups had been announced, although it was already … Continue reading

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Computational group theory, 1

Computational group theory is the art or science of using a computer to learn something about a group. I was introduced to it by John Cannon in the early 1980s. It seems like a black art to many mathematicians (myself … Continue reading

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Real v recreational mathematics

A footnote to my report on Persi Diaconis’ lecture on Martin Gardner. Persi challenged us to consider the question: Is there a sharp division between “real” mathematics and “recreational” mathematics, and if so, where does it come? G. H. Hardy clearly thought … Continue reading

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Andrzej Orchel

This month’s LMS Newsletter carries a brief item: Dr Andrzej W. Orchel, who was elected a member of the London Mathematical Society on 22 November 1969, died on 22 January 2012, aged 65. It is not just the coincidence that … Continue reading

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