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Student meetings

Lots of things have happened and not been noted, sorry. I will try to catch up a bit over the next few weeks. In the past few weeks I have spoken at two student-organised conferences. First, in July, was the … Continue reading

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Infinity and Foundation

After the reviving effect of a week’s holiday, I have been thinking about Zermelo–Fraenkel set theory, inspired by a very nice student project I supervised (about which I hope to say something here sometime soonish). I have come across a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on topology

As well as Advanced Combinatorics, I have been teaching Topology this semester. This is something I had not taught for many years. I was only teaching half the module: the first half had been given, and the notes prepared, by … Continue reading

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Automorphisms of groups

I set a question to my group theory class. It is quite easy until suddenly you find yourself falling off a cliff into deep water. Indeed, I don’t know the answer to the second part of this question. Show that … Continue reading

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