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Open access and the arXiv

HEFCE is dead, long live Research England(?) This new body is responsible for the REF. Their website makes the following statement about open access: Open access is central to UK Research and Innovation’s ambitions for research and innovation in the … Continue reading

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arXiv search

I check the links on my web page from time to time. Yesterday, I checked the links to my arXiv papers, and was a bit surprised to get a message that “this search method is deprecated”. It took a little … Continue reading

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Publication lists and repositories

How many publications do I have? Actually, I don’t care too much about that; but if I were younger and applying for promotion, it would actually matter. But suppose you wanted to answer the question, or indeed to get copies … Continue reading

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British Combinatorial Bulletin

The British Combinatorial Bulletin is an annual digest of information about combinatorics in the UK: people, courses, news, publications, and other items of interest. Over the course of its life it has changed considerably, most notably by a move from … Continue reading

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Open access and the REF, 2

Bob Dylan said, When you think that you’ve lost everything, You find out you can always lose a little more. Open access for the REF is not in that league, but when you think you have plumbed the depths of … Continue reading

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Open access and the REF

After an exchange with one of the people employed by my university to “police” the institutional repository, I came upon an issue that I didn’t fully understand. If you are a UK academic hoping to submit papers to REF2020, you … Continue reading

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Counting coauthors, 2

I have decided to move one step towards practising what I preach. The arXiv is now the de facto place of publication of many mathematics papers; Google Scholar recognises it, as do various other sites such as ResearchGate. So shouldn’t … Continue reading

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