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Hoffman, Lovász and Haemers

At the weekend I attended remotely a memorial session for Alan Hoffman, organised by Bill Pulleyblank. I found it informative, as well as moving. Hoffman is well-known in the algebraic graph theory community for a number of remarkable achievements, including … Continue reading

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Busy times, 10: in Waterloo

After a week in London, off to Waterloo for Chris Godsil’s 65th birthday conference. The week at home was no holiday: among other things I managed to read and examine Christopher Harden’s PhD thesis (a nice study of fixed point … Continue reading

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Dima Fon-Der-Flaass

Yesterday, Edwin van Dam reminded us of a conjecture he and Willem Haemers made ten years ago: almost all graphs are determined by their spectra. This contrasts with the situation for special classes of graphs such as trees, and indeed … Continue reading

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