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Projective and polar spaces

I have produced a new edition of my lecture notes on Projective and Polar Spaces and put them with my lecture note collection. I did this because it seems that people still find some use for these notes. According to … Continue reading

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British Combinatorial Committee

Announcing a new website for the British Combinatorial Committee: The British Combinatorial Committee is a charity, registered in Scotland, whose objective is the support of combinatorial and discrete mathematics in the United Kingdom. I have the honour of being … Continue reading

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Pirates of Pangaea

Neill’s new book came out a little while ago, and this morning I saw that he had finally got round to announcing it on his blog, and asking people to spread the news by word of mouth, since the publishers … Continue reading

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I told here the story of W. E. Opencomb, a nom de plume for a set of ten mathematicians (including me) at a research week at the Open University. This and other examples show that large collaborations in mathematics, though … Continue reading

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Google Scholar citations

This is too good not to report! I looked at my Google Scholar page today. One of the items had an asterisk by it, so I decided to explore. It helpfully explained that this citation may include more than one … Continue reading

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Bayes again

It is always a pleasure to read David Colquhoun’s posts. The most recent explains a simple statistical point that still escapes many health adminisitrators (and others). He describes two tests for Alzheimer’s disease. The first (which I will discuss) is … Continue reading

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Cameron at CAUL

I have always believed in the onion theory of personality expressed so eloquently by Ibsen in Peer Gynt. Well, I have just grown another layer. I have been honoured by being elected to membership of CAUL, the Centre for Algebra … Continue reading

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