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Service interrupted

My BT broadband at present is not just feeble, it has gone on strike completely. Just switching on the computer puts it into a sulk and it refuses to do anything. Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to react quite so … Continue reading

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Counting coauthors

I have been moving various files from Queen Mary to St Andrews. After the recent discussion about what constitutes publication, I started wondering about who counts as a co-author. I believe I have 152 coauthors of published or accepted papers. … Continue reading

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Maybe you haven’t heard of altmetrics; I hadn’t, until this morning. I hope you never have to hear of them again (but not too confidently). But I do urge you to read what David Colquhoun and Andrew Plested have to … Continue reading

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London Algebra Colloquium, 3

Today a new blog goes public: the London Algebra Colloquium records now live on WordPress. These records were kept by Karl Gruenberg for many years; he passed them on to me, and I put them on the web, on one … Continue reading

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Hardy on blogging

Having had to dig out G. H. Hardy’s A Mathematician’s Apology to look up what he had to say about the number 153, it was inevitable that I would re-read it, and wonder what attitude Hardy would have taken to mathematics blogging. … Continue reading

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A use for an iPad

I haven’t really learned to love my iPad, though I have to admit that it can be used as an encyclopaedia when doing crosswords of the more learned variety. But it did prove its worth during the week. At a … Continue reading

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You may have noticed advertisements appearing on this blog from time to time recently. As you might suspect, I was not consulted about this; I do not endorse any of the products and services advertised. Also, you can’t easily get … Continue reading

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