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me and the World Wide Web


I realised yesterday that, although I had moved the web pages of books I had written to my St Andrews website when I came here, I had neither updated them nor put links to them. I have done the easier … Continue reading

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Success stories

The London Mathematical Society’s “Success stories” project has officially launched; the webpage is here. I thought the aim was to tell the world that mathematics is a great career by recounting the stories of people who have some interesting success … Continue reading

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Carnival of Mathematics

The Carnival of Mathematics, a monthly blogging round-up, will be hosted on the CoDiMa site in October. (It travels round various mathematics blogs but is coordinated by Katie at The Aperiodical.) My contribution to the carnival is a piece called … Continue reading

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The Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications keeps a low profile. There is no on-line version of its Bulletin. When I was forced to leave my office in Queen Mary at two weeks notice, old issues of the Bulletin (along … Continue reading

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Resources pages going down

At Queen Mary, I used to maintain two pages with links to resources, one for permutation groups, the other for designs. (The latter is quite separate from the website.) These pages have not been maintained for a long time … Continue reading

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An award

There is, I believe, a great resource for mathematicians called MathOverflow. I have never made much use of it. I am not quite sure why, but I think it is because of the competitive aspect: give a good answer, earn … Continue reading

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My QMUL page updated

Since I moved to St Andrews in 2013, my QMUL web page stopped being a working page, and really needed to be re-jigged as a page of record. This I have now done. It now points to many things, not … Continue reading

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