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Beamer handouts

During my career I’ve seen great changes in the presentation of lectures and the production of handouts. The original lecture technology, writing on a blackboard with a piece of chalk, is hopelessly old-fashioned now, though I still prefer it for … Continue reading

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Windows are closing down

This is not a summary of the reasons I don’t like Windows: it would be a very long post if it were! It is just a recent incident, for which Bill Gates is not to blame; this kind of thing … Continue reading

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The changing face of academic publishing was brought home to me in a very sharp way this morning. One of my students is having his first paper published in an international journal published by one of the major academic publishers. … Continue reading

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Blackboards, whiteboards, visualizers, …

A meeting this morning organised by the department of the College responsible for teaching rooms. Not as well attended as it might have been, as it’s in the vacation and several colleagues are stuck in foreign parts by the ash … Continue reading

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An early birthday present

I am not very much in tune with the modern world. No car, television, microwave, tumble dryer, not even a mobile phone. But I did have one very useful gadget for many years: the late lamented Psion Organiser. This lovely … Continue reading

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