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Synchronization update

There is some recent news about the synchronization project. Two steps forward have occurred. The set-up Here is a brief recapitulation. Let G be a transitive permutation group on Ω, where |Ω| = n. We say that G is non-synchronizing if there … Continue reading

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Perth, week 4

And now the time in Adelaide and Perth is over. We are back in London, having arrived on the same day as we left Australia. This was the first time I have done this, and I really don’t recommend it. … Continue reading

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A visit to Lisbon

Back in London after three weeks in Lisboa. It wasn’t meant to be my research visit; I tagged along with the intention of having a holiday. But it didn’t work out like that. We lived in student accommodation at the … Continue reading

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Odds and ends

I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week at the University of Warwick, at the Young Researchers in Mathematics conference. This is the third year that this conference has taken place; the original initiative was taken by Cambridge students, … Continue reading

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The symmetric group, 11

I am going to talk about a celebrated theorem of John Dixon and some of its variants; this is on my mind at the moment, for reasons I will explain at the end. Dixon’s theorem is easily stated. Two random … Continue reading

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Infinite hulls

Preparing for the course on Synchronization has thrown up some questions to which I don’t know the answer. Here is one. First, the definitions. A graph homomorphism is a map on the vertices which takes edges to edges; it can … Continue reading

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One of my many jobs over the next month or two is to write a course of lectures on a new subject, Synchronization. I will be giving an intensive course at the London Taught Course Centre on 10-11 June, eight … Continue reading

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