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The B. B. Newman Spelling Theorem

This is a guest post by Carl-Fredrik Nyberg Brodda, a recent Masters student at St Andrews and currently a PhD student at the University of East Anglia. The story has personal resonance for me, because it turns out that B. … Continue reading

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Referendum pie

This is by Mike Grannell, and is published here with his permission. Enjoy! It was 2025 when the trouble really began. There had been some muttering prior to this, but in July 2025, Microsoft introduced Windows 25. Every time users … Continue reading

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The Traveling Salesman Problem: An Optimization Model

A guest post today from Debra Johnson. I have not altered the American spelling or the politically incorrect title! Given a salesman who needs to travel to a certain set of cities, what is the least expensive way for … Continue reading

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Kids can learn to love the STEM subjects

As a contribution to the discussion about mathematics in schools, here is a contribution from guest author Lauren Bailey. According to Accenture, two thirds of all IT, science, and general technology companies in the UK are actively searching for new … Continue reading

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Does randomness exist?

Probability and randomness has proved to be a popular and controversial topic on this blog. So I am pleased to introduce a guest post by Barbara Jolie, whose by-line occurs at the end of the piece, musing on the question … Continue reading

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The other side of Australia: the sad story of Peter Spencer

I just (3 January) had the following email from my nephew Rob Cameron in Australia. Here is the other side of carbon capture. Please read this and pass it on! Hi Peter, I know you are rather busy, but I … Continue reading

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Open access publishing: response from Laszlo Babai

Dear Peter, I agree that the compulsory author-pay model is appalling, it undermines our core academic values. There is, however, a seldom discussed alternative: that of voluntary author-pay. Editorial decisions do not depend on the author’s ability to pay. This … Continue reading

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