New web address

Thanks to all of you who made suggestions about moving my webpages, since the University will take the old ones down at the end of the month.

GitHub was the most popular suggestion, so I went with that. The new address is

About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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5 Responses to New web address

  1. Not all files have been moved yet. Still working on it.

  2. I’ve been doing a bit of fiddling with the new website. Videos have gone, except for external links, and I didn’t include my list of walks with photographs — there are space limits on GitHub if you are too mean to subscribe — but everything else should now be there. I also went through my talks; most of them are conference or research seminar talks, but a few are aimed at a more general audience, notably the talks on infinity, secret codes, and paradoxes at “How the Light Gets In”, and especially my LMS–Gresham College lecture on “Mathematics: The next generation”; I have highlighted some of these.

  3. dockie73 says:

    Oh, btw, Peter what was the reason for the StA Uni to crush (almost: have a crackdown on) the personal websites? Refraining myself from harsher characterisations, I find this… highly inconvenient (at least for me) and sort of disappointing.

    • They claim that personal websites are a security risk: they are only http, not https. There are other solutions to that; Queen Mary moved everything to…, for example — this is more difficult to edit (you have to download the files with sftp and upload again after editing — but leaves it as a university site. St Andrews have simply driven genuine traffic away.

    • And there is a redirect in place now, so you can pretend you are looking me up at St Andrews.

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