More on the 3p paper

I wrote here about Peter Neumann’s paper on primitive permutation groups of degree 3p, where p is a prime number.

Well, summer is almost over, but my undergraduate research intern Marina Anagnostopoulou-Merkouri and I have done our work and produced our paper, which is a combination of new combinatorial results about association schemes with prescribed eigenvalue multiplicities, a historical note on the context of the original paper, and a tribute to Peter. The paper is on the arXiv, here.

In the course of doing this work, Marina found several misprints in my re-typed version of the 3p paper. I have corrected these and posted a new version on the arXiv, here.

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1 Response to More on the 3p paper

  1. Peter Neumann gave a great deal of service to the London Mathematical Society. In particular, he was Publications Secretary (1967-72); Journal Editor (1976-79); Bulletin Book Review Editor (1979-81); Bulletin Editor (1979-84) and Monographs Editor (1993-2003). He was also an Officer of the Society, holding the position of Vice President from 1990-92.
    Nevertheless, the LMS have declined to publish our paper.

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