Graphs on groups, 6

The Groups and Graphs seminar has been running well.

I find that I feel close to many people in the seminar even though most likely we have not met face to face.

So I feel concerned about the Covid wave in India in a way that I probably wouldn’t have done but for this seminar. My thoughts are with them. By comparison, we are in good shape here. I had my first Covid jab (many weeks late, and after a lot of effort, since I had been left off the list), I am staying at home, and there is very little Covid in the neighbourhood.

Please remember the people of India facing this terrible uncertainty and trouble.

About Peter Cameron

I count all the things that need to be counted.
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1 Response to Graphs on groups, 6

  1. T Tamizh Chelvam says:

    Thanks for your concern about the situation in India with regard to COVID 19. We are safe till moment and lot of people in the neighbourhood are in trouble due to COVID 19.

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