Eric Lander

One of my first doctoral students, Eric Lander, has been appointed science advisor in Joe Biden’s cabinet:

I have had so many congratulatory emails that it almost seems as if I have done something good myself …

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7 Responses to Eric Lander

  1. Vijayakumar Ambat says:

    Oh. Great. So now you are closer to the power centre. Congratulations. Vijay

  2. Jason Rudd says:

    I would just accept the plaudits – you have made a bigger contribution here than most get to make 🙂

  3. KWRegan says:

    OK, I won’t send you an e-mail then. Incidentally, Eric was my freshman-year resident advisor at Princeton, next room over from me until overseeing my first-week roommate swap became his first official action. Also in our staircase was Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, who came to Oxford as well.

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